Good Bye Lenin Hostel - Pub & Garden!

Berka Joselewicza 23 Street, Krakow

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Good Bye Lenin Hostel - Pub & Garden!


Overview of Hostel

Communism is back!

Between Old Town and Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz) you can find a place which shows you the absurdity of communism times in Poland ‘through colorful and optimistic glasses’. A place where you have an opportunity to touch (quite literally) some characteristic elements of those bizz

From Nights People


BY TRAM (regular ticket price is 2,80 PLN)
From the main train/bus station you can take tram:
- 18 – direction: Czerwone Maki (5th stop)

You have to get off at the fifth stop, called Starowi?lna. Turn right towards the direction you came from. Walk back to the nearest crossroad, where you should notice on the right side, on top of a building, Good Bye Lenin neon. Turn right on Berka Joselewicza Street. After 30m you will see an iron gate on your right. Pass the gate – don`t worry - Good Bye Lenin and a warm welcome await you straight ahead.

Alternatively, you may take the tram no. 18 and change at the 5th stop - Starowi?lna to the tram no. 9 that will take you one more stop further - Miodowa.

ON FOOT (15-20 minutes):
When you exit the train station, you should find on your right a large shopping mall (Galeria Krakowska). Walk towards the intersection of the main streets (Basztowa, Lubicz, Westerplatte), now having the shopping mall behind your back. You will find in front of you, slightly to your left, a tunnel. Walk through it, and search for direction ‘Westerplatte Street’. On Westerplatte Street you will walk around 10 minutes until you reach first huge crossroad with traffic lights. Turn left on Starowislna Street (don't mix up with Wielopole Street). Walking around 300m on this street you will cross Dietla Street (first crossroad with traffic lights). Still on Starowislna Street, 100m further you will see our neon on top of a building on the left hand side. Follow its indication. After 30m you will see an iron gate on your right. Pass the gate – don’t worry - Good Bye Lenin and a warm welcome await you straight ahead..

Located near

- Old Town / Main Market Square - 10 min walk - Jewish Square - 3 min walk - Central Railway / Bus station - 15 min walk and 5 min by tram Attractions: - Wawel Royal Castle, St. Anna's Church, cathedral, dragon's cave - Kazimierz, Isaac's Synagogue, Old Synagogue and many more synagogues - Museums: Jewish, Ghetto, Etnographic, Archaeological, National, Czartoryski and many more - Schindler's factory - Wisla River Other: - Very close to Cracow's vibrant nightlife - Various bars, caf©s, clubs - Live music pubs - Cin©mas - Shopping malls - Supermarkets

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

Children are not accepted and cannot be accommodated at the hostel.