Ostello La Rocchetta

Corso Cavour 19, Correggio

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Ostello La Rocchetta


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Correggio: the town is small but not its nobility of birth. In 1000 the seignory of the Da Correggio family, in 1452 an earldom, in 1616 a principality which in 1635 became part of the Dukedom of Modena under the dEste family. These historical events characterised Correggio as a vital centre not on

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To get there by car, arriving from Milan (A1 motorway) take the exit to Reggio Emilia and than follow the signs for Correggio and in Correggio follow the signs for City Centre.
From A22 motorway take the exit to Carpi and than follow the signs for Correggio and in Correggio
Follow the signs for City Centre.

By Train, you can arrive to the train station of Reggio Emilia or Carpi then in front of the railway station take the bus for Correggio that will take to an hundreds meters from the Hostel in Correggio.

For better directions do not hesitate to contact the hostel once you have booked..

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Please note: payment has to be done in cash. Check in: 16.00-19.00 / 21.00-22.30 Please note, if you are not a Member of Hostelling International there is an extra charge of 3 per person per night. Once you have stayed 6 nights at a HI Hostel you become a HI member, and no extra charges apply for future stays.