Paradise Beach Backpackers Hostel Informations

Chilling-out is an art-form at Paradise Beach Backpackers Hostel.

Our hostel has operated for 2 years and (as you will see on all the other sites) we have always rated well over 90% consistently. Because we moved recently to a fabulous new building, Hostelworld have deleted all the wonderful rev

From Nights People
  • 24 Hour Reception 
  • 24 Hour Security 
  • Adaptors 
  • Bar 
  • BBQ 
  • Bicycle Parking 
  • Board games 
  • Book Exchange 
  • Common Room 
  • Currency Exchange 
  • DVD's 
  • Free City Maps 
  • Free Internet Access 
  • Free Parking 
  • Free WiFi 
  • Games Room 
  • Hairdryers 
  • Hot Showers 
  • Housekeeping 
TO NAPOLI (NAPLES) – trains leave from Rome every half hour and, depending on how much you spend, it takes between 1 and 4 hours.
For about 20 € there's an easy 2-hour train, and the ones for roughly 10 € leave 4 times daily.
By plane, you can fly directly to Napoli from just about anywhere in the world.
And it's much cooler than Rome.
FROM THE MAINLAND – catch a boat across the spectacular Gulf from Naples, Pozzuoli, Sorrento, Procida, Salerno, Positano, Amalfi or Capri and sail to Forio (which is then only 5 minutes by bus from our door), or to Casamicciola (about 20 minutes) or Ischia Porto (30 minutes).
From Sorrento and Capri, the fast boats (aliscafi) leave from the Marina Piccola and, like the ones from Salerno, Amalfi and Positano, they operate from Spring to Autumn.
See the two timetables at FROM NAPOLI, POZZUOLI, PROCIDA AND SORRENTO http://www.
php?pag=TRAS00&sez=MOVIME&langiol=EN&mysty=2011_A FROM CAPRI, POSITANO AND AMALFI http://www.
php FROM NAPOLI CENTRALE RAILWAY STATION – cross the big piazza out the front, passing the eternal Metro construction site, and catch Tram '1' going left (when looking away from the station) to the last stop.
On the port side is Molo Beverello where the fast boats (aliscafi) depart for Forio.
TO THE CHEAPER BOATS – from Beverello, go behind the cafes, away from the fast boat terminal, and catch the free, blue shuttle bus to Calata Porto Di Massa (about 5 minutes away by walking).
On the island… BUSES FROM ALL PORTS – catch the buses numbered 'CS' or '1', going left (when you are facing the sea).
The bus stops are outside the port area on the same side of the street as the port, except at Ischia Porto.
At Ischia Porto you must walk around the port to the main bus stop (la capolinea).
It’s easy to find us.
After you leave Forio – all the buses go through Forio – 1 LOOK for the big sign on the front of a hotel saying “SORRISO Thermae Resort” on the right of the bus (5-10 minutes out of Forio).
Beware of the various small directional signs for Sorriso… the sign you want is huge and on a hotel building.
When you see it, wait until you.
2 GO AROUND THE CORNER, then press the bell… 3 GET OFF at the next stop and look behind the bus.
You’ll see our sign saying “PARADISE BEACH”.
Walk 30 seconds or so down our original, historically ancient, island path to the big white building.
We’re here to help, and while you’re probably a fit backpacker, if you’re not, leave your bag at the TOP OF THE STEPS and come down to get some help.
We're on the main street and close to everything on the island... which really isn't that huge. * Beaches - sandy & free * Hot-Springs * Boats & boat-trips * the oldest Greek village outside Greece * Cafes, restaurants, clubs & bars with fabulous island flavours... we know the best, with the best service, prices & food * Roman & Greek ruins * Grottos * Mountains with amazing panoramas * Cliff-jumping * Churches... soooooooo many churches ... and lots, lots, lots, more...
All our rooms have bathrooms and some have bath tubs. You’ll get free linen and we clean the rooms each day. Our showers are hot, our drinks cold and our staff are cool. Sadly, only girls can pick female dorms but everyone can choose a mixed dorm. You can also choose a twin room (with 2 single beds), a double (with one large bed), a single (with a single bed) or a 3 or 4 bed private dorm room (with bunk beds) too. Terms and Conditions We're a pretty flexible bunch here, some prettier and some more flexible, but we do have a few conditions which will make life easier for you and for us, which you agree to by making your booking: CASH ON ARRIVAL – You must pay cash when you check-in (or when you extend your stay) to receive the price quoted here or booked by you. These prices are DISCOUNTED. Otherwise, our standard rate applies, which is an extra 1 Euro per person per night, including the use of a card to pay us (… this costs us more, you see) CANCELLATION POLICY – We’ll make sure you have a bed when you arrive and if you don’t want it, let us know so we can resell it. By booking, you agree to our 7-day cancellation policy. You agree to us charging you the total cost of your booking if you cancel within 7-days of your booked arrival date. We cannot take insurance to protect us from your changing travel plans, so if you are worried you should organise your own insurance for this. Non-Refundable bookings can be cancelled but you will not get a refund NON-REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS – With these, we discount the amount you pay and in return, you pay for you booking when you book. You agree to us charging your credit card when the booking is made. For people booking on Hostels.com, Hostelworld and Hostelbookers, you will be charged their commission when you book, and the balance within the next 48-hours If your credit card is does not work, we’ll ask you to provide a new number within 24-hours. If you don’t and your credit card still fails, you agree to us cancelling your booking and to your commission payment not being refundable NOISE – Italian law requires us to stop making noise at midnight. We close the garden, terraces and pool at this time, not because we want to, but because we don’t want the Polizia di Stato paying us a visit. You must keep quiet after this time so other guests can relax, but we also try not to be party-poopers CHECK-IN – Check-in can be done at any time but YOU MUST LET US KNOW if you will be arriving after 6 pm or before 8 am. We MAY NOT be able to let you into your room until 2 pm (because people will be sleeping in it), but you can leave your bags and do all the check-in formalities, have a drink, a shower, and watch a video, go to the beach, or chat-up one of the locals. Actually, you don't really need a room!!! REFUNDS – Because we have a short season here, and because we need to pay all our staff and budget and do all those real-world, nasty things, you agree that all payments to the hostel are strictly non-refundable and that your booking is a confirmed booking within the 7-day cancellation period CHECK-OUT – Check-out of your room by 11am on the day you are leaving, and bring us your pillowcase so we know which bed needs making. You can leave your bags with us for the day, and you can store them with us if you are returning to stay at a later date EXTRA CLEANING CHARGE – Being a hostel, you get your bed cheap, and we want to devote our time to giving you and others a great experience. If we need to clean up your common-area dishes and messes, you will be charged 5 Euro per person per mess TAX – All taxes are included, except the stupid local 1.00 Euro visitors levy DORM ROOMS – We reserve the right to up-grade you to a smaller room at our discretion without additional cost to you. If you want to change rooms, there is a 5 Euro service charge, per person. Booking more than one dorm bed will not guarantee that all beds are in the same room, although we will try not to separate you Oh, and to avoid confusion... a dormitory has more than one bed in it, and you share the room with others who you may not know. Also, a single room is for only 1 person. But, MOST OF YOU knew that, eh! Cancellation policy: 7 days advance notice or the full amount will be charged

Informations about Paradise Beach Backpackers Hostel

We’re here to stop you doing anything too extraordinary! Beach backpacker life is just not like that.
Lounging… by the pool to the scent of a herb garden; BBQing… at sunset among fruit trees and jasmine gazebo; Playing… with super-friendly puppies, Tequila and Lupo, or with one of our other cool guests; Tanning… a gorgeous bronzed colour over a wine or beer… … These are the things that we’re about.
When you reach us you'll have seen some pretty amazing sites in this fabulous old country.
Well, you won’t here… .
unless beautiful Italian beach bodies are your thing.
We're on the Main Street of 'the most beautiful thermal island in the world', overlooking Capri, Mt Vesuvius, and the Sorrento Peninsular.
One reviewer said recently, we are your “Holiday’s Holiday” Hostel… a real review from a real reviewer – I guess, that’s an extraordinary find in a popular tourist area! The hostel: But we’re not just about sitting on your arse doing nothing though… … you'll enjoy an outdoor pool with music playing into the night, a summer games bar, running tap water (!), a communal kitchen, and the summer SUN shining on you for 16 hours a day! Then there are group trips to clubs, beaches, restaurants, hot springs, archaeological sites, pubs, and mountain tops.
We even organise boat cruises.
Strenuous, eh! Sometimes you even have to pour your own coffee at breakfast on a terrace overlooking the turquoise Mediterranean and watched by an ancient volcano.
Extraordinary? No, it’s just a wretched part of the daily island grind.
You'll get fresh, sundried linen, a secure place for your possessions, a cosy bed, clean bathrooms, sassy social socializing spots, help with your bookings, travel plans, and summer day-excursions to Amalfi, Sorrento and Capri.
You really won’t regret sleeping with us! The Island: The Romans sunbathed here; the Spanish bathed, the Greeks and French did Greek and French things.
Life really hasn’t changed much in 3,000 years – and you will do what they did.
But, we have fast, free WI-FI, as well.
We’ll recommend you the best foods and wines in Italy on top of the island, at one of the many cheap, local, hidden gems.
We don’t own a restaurant so we have no axe to grind; our recommendations are as impartial as they are delicious, from tried and true experience.
And, while you’re close to all the best the island has to offer, you won't be stuck in the stuffy, hot centre of some noisy city.
What you’ll hear is the sea lapping against the beach, the ice clinking on your glass and the wonderfully symphonic Australian accents of your fellow hostellers by the pool.
We really are here to stop you doing anything extraordinary! So then, where the bloody hell are you, mate? We're 40 minutes by boat from the mainland and buses stop right outside our gate.
There’s supermarkets, restaurants and bars within 5 minutes or so from us.
Then, sitting with friends, a cocktail and a BBQ, watching the sun dip into the sea, you'll appreciate this irony.
at Paradise Beach Hostel, the sun never truly sets! Book your sunset here today!